Q. Is wedding rehearsal time available?
A. You may schedule one during the week, or the day before if the Pavilion is not rented. Since your time begins at 10:00AM, most people do a run through during the morning.

Q.  Where is the meal usually served?
A.   There is a smaller log building known as the dining hall with a large 
antler chandelier over 3 long tables and benches.  Many use this space to 
serve a buffet and have their meal in the Pavilion.  

Q.  How much decorating of the 30x90 foot Pavilion is needed?
A.  There are little white lights swagged along the ceiling and the windows. 
We also have  white lights all through the trees and in the gazebo, giving 
the grounds a magical ambiance.  Add as much or little as you like.

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